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August 2018 Newsletter

As August rolls around and the weather begins to warm up, our thoughts are with the nation’s farmers. Many are battling a prolonged drought and wishing for rain.On the domestic front, the corporate earnings season is approaching at a time when Australian shares are trading at 10-year highs. The lower Australian dollar, down 5 per cent this year to US74c in late July, should help boost companies with offshore earnings.Inflation remains benign with..... Read more

July 2018 Newsletter

July is here along with freezing temperatures and good snowfalls in the south and east of the country. Meanwhile, temperatures are sizzling in Russia for the football World Cup where the finals are looming, although not for the Socceroos who are headed home.As the financial year ended, Australian investors had reason to be optimistic despite ongoing global tensions. Our economy grew 1 per cent in the March quarter, lifting the annual growth rate ..... Read more

June 2018 Newsletter

Winter 2018Australia’s national economic agenda in May was dominated by the Federal Budget and the promise of tax cuts. Consumers rode a wave of optimism until the final week of May when the ANZ/Roy Morgan consumer confidence index fell for the first time in 7 weeks, down 3.2 per cent to 117.7. Confidence is up 4.3 per cent this year, with the late pull-back attributed to a cooler sharemarket, rising fuel prices and on-again off-again US-North Ko..... Read more

May 2018 Newsletter

It’s May, and many parts of the country will be grateful that cooler Autumn temperatures have finally arrived. On the national economic stage, this year’s Federal Budget was handed down by Treasurer Scott Morrison on the evening of Tuesday May 8.April was a month of market volatility against a backdrop of ongoing global economic growth. In the US, 10-year bond yields broke through 3 per cent for the first time since late 2013. This, along with ri..... Read more

May 2018 Newsletter - The Budget

Federal Budget 2018 - 19 AnalysisThe Federal Government has turned the spending tap back on, signalling the end of the revenue drought since the GFC and the end of the mining investment boom. As widely anticipated, Treasurer Scott Morrison’s third Budget has cut income taxes, boosted support for senior Australians, delivered $24.5 billion of new infrastructure spending and promised a return to surplus by 2020. That’s a year earlier than previousl..... Read more

April 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our new monthly QI Newsletter where we keep you up to date on hot topics, interesting content and intriguing articles. Read more

Pitfalls of Going Guarantor

Going guarantor might not seem like a big commitment at firstThere are no upfront costs, minimal time commitments and you are lending a helping hand. But beyond signing on the dotted lines, there are many pitfalls of going guarantor for a loved one.Whether you have been asked to go guarantor for a car or home loan, it would be wise to carefully consider the following: Unintended consequencesGuarantors must understand the responsibilities and repe..... Read more

Questions to Consider Concerning Power of Attorneys

Appointing a power of attorney is something individuals do when, for various reasons, they are not in a position to control their own finances. Allowing another individual legal authority over your finances can be daunting, particularly if you don’t understand the ins and outs of what a power of attorney’s role is. Below are a range of questions to consider when evaluating and nominating a power of attorney: What power or control does a power of ..... Read more

Commercial vs Residential Property

Choosing which one to invest in can be tricky, however, smart investors should not only consider the advantages and disadvantages of each property type but also how each investment would fit their current portfolio. The debate over whether it is better to invest in residential or commercial property continues to divide property investors and real estate professionals. Some favour residential, since it is the least risky of the two, while others s..... Read more

Common Myths Surrounding Inheritance

Individuals face making crucial decisions when it comes to the deceased’s finances, which can have lasting tax implications.Here are three common inheritance myths.The family home is CGT-freePrincipal places of residence are usually free of capital gains tax (CGT), but a principal place of residence can be subject to CGT when a beneficiary inherits it. The way homes are treated depend on whether they were purchased before or after September 20, 1..... Read more