Small & Medium Enterprise

Helping small businesses get ahead

We understand that you are the experts when it comes to running your business
You focus on running your business and we will handle the rest
We offer packaged solutions to suit your accounting needs

Step 1 – Organise

We leverage a suite of easy to use cloud software and smartphone apps to take care of your GST and income tax with minimal disruption to your daily workload.

We help tailor a solution that integrates seamlessly alongside your business.

Our package options scale with you as your business grows and can do as little or as much as your need us to do.

Meet with us face to face on a regular basis

Save time and money by letting the experts guide you

We offer a comprehensive accounting service where you remain in control of your business

Your Business

EQ Financial works with you to Streamline, Structure and Strategise your business through our Services to ensure Success

Step 3 - Protect

Putting a plan into place is great, but the best laid plans can be unravelled by sudden and unforseen events.
EQ Financial helps you protect what you have created through using business and asset protection structures.

Your Family Home

Quarantine your home from banks, creditors and litigators, even if you owe money.

Your Business

Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.

Your Bank Account

Bulletproof your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.

Your Property Portfolio

Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.

Your Income

Shield your wages from garnishees and instalment orders.

Your Superannuation

Safeguard your retirement nest egg from meltdowns and nationalisation.

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