Super and SMSF

Wealth For Your Retirement

Superannuation can be a tax effective and flexible way to build wealth for retirement.

At EQ Financial, we can work with you and your superannuation arrangements and provide you with our assessment as to the suitability of your superannuation fund as compared with other superannuation funds based on your needs and investment preferences.

We have access to the retail and industry superannuation funds available in the market.

A self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may be an alternative way for you to continue to build wealth, if you already have reasonable savings earmarked for retirement.

Your Structure Matters

It is important to get the structure of your superannuation right, whether you are working and saving for the future or if you have already retired. Good structure and sound strategy is critical if you wish to maximise the payout you receive when you retire, or that your dependants and/or others receive in the event of your passing.

Ownership and Control

EQ Financial can help you determine whether a SMSF suits your individual circumstances and if so, establish one for you.

A SMSF can give you ultimate ownership and control. All members of a SMSF are either trustees or directors of a trustee company and we can provide you with the resources and education you need to meet your obligations as a trustee.

EQ Financial can work with you to select and manage the investment of the funds within a SMSF. We ensure the administrative obligations of the fund are met whilst overseeing that the investment choices you make are in line with your objectives and overall financial strategy. Your fund’s position and performance may be reported to you regularly or you may request an online login to view this information at our secure website.

We can help you select the right type and amount of insurance for fund members, taking into account your financial circumstances and other insurances that may already be in place.

The EQ Financial advisory team has over 15 years experience helping people with SMSFs.