Investment opportunities exist for every stage of your life. At EQ Financial we can structure a progressive investment program to fit your income and capital requirements.

Investment portfolio construction is key to successful investing. Our philosophy to investing is managing the balance of assets classes such as cash, fixed interest, property, equities in line with market and economic conditions.

Within each asset class we can construct individual investments to make up your portfolio. Investing can be made 'directly' with institutions or via ASX (listed securities, exchange traded funds) and 'indirectly' via managed unit trusts.

The range of investments today is extensive. Our investment resourcing extends globally so that we can access every opportunity.

Our advisory team can provide you with the appropriate investment vehicles and asset allocation.

Unique Opportunities

EQ Financial can provide access to specialist direct investments as part of an investment portfolio. Direct investment opportunities can include participation in private equity syndicates, access to IPO's, share placements, direct property syndicates and other specialist opportunities.

At EQ Financial, we invest considerable expertise in developing a series of structured investment opportunities. Structured investment may include leveraged and capital protected equities investments. Our structured investment series are market leading.

We believe that specialist direct investments and structured investing can offer excellent risk-return and portfolio benefits.


EQ Financial has access to industry research houses, global market research, investment evaluation expertise and processes to consider specific opportunities and provide you with the information you require to make an informed investment decision.