Wealth Creation

Achieve Your Goals

At EQ Financial we work with you to detail your goals and understand your circumstances to develop a sensible financial strategy towards meeting your short, medium and long term financial and lifestyle objectives.

A key component of this financial structuring is ongoing management and review of your financial plan, resetting of goals and adjustments to strategy when necessary.

You Need a Plan

Developing a comprehensive financial plan involves much more than simply understanding ones risk tolerance and choosing an investment portfolio to match that risk profile. It is far more complex and must holistically consider all aspects relating to your financial circumstances.

A key philosophy at EQ Financial is the belief that the benefits of sound financial strategy surpass the benefits of simply low interest rates or a good investment performance.


With sound financial structuring, wealth creation may be enhanced and costs may be minimised. In cases where investments have been poorly structured, tax benefits may also be derived by efficiently restructuring finances. A sturdy and tailored financial plan can help protect you from pitfalls down the track, particularly as you prepare for your transition to retirement and to provide you with more flexibility and peace of mind along the way.


Achieving financial security also involves understanding the various forms of financial risks and knowing that your investments are in line with your risk tolerances and expectations. We can help you gauge your acceptability of financial risks and returns and provide a range of financial scenarios for you to select a plan that suits you.