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Superannuation Reforms

The proposed reforms have now been legislated, In summary they are as follows: Concessional Contributions The concessional contributions cap will reduce to $25,000 pa regardless of age. Non-Concessional Contribution Limits A cap of $100,000 pa per person will apply. If the individual is under age 65 the 3 year bring-forward rule can be utilised, therefore contributing up to $300,000 in one year. For the financial year ending 30 June 2017 the curr..... Read more

​The Trump Bump

The surprise US election result has generated confusion and volatility in financial markets.Comparisons are being made with Brexit, if only for the unreliability of public polling. Financial markets swung wildly in response to unfolding developments. As the counting progressed and Trump’s chances improved, so equities, the US$ and bond yields all fell, while safe haven assets such as gold, Yen and the VIX rallied. However, the tone of Trump’s vic..... Read more

SMSF's With Loans Targeted for 1.6m Cap

Restrictions on Tax Free InvestmentAnyone who thought the government's $1.6 million transfer balance cap was the last word on restrictions to tax-free investment earnings for superannuation pensions as well as contributions to super should think again.New proposals on the drawing board could add hundred of thousands of dollars to the pension balances of what has become a major target group — self-managed super funds with investment loans for eith..... Read more

Debt Binge Main Cause of House Price Rises

Giving buyers money inflates pricesThere are two main ways to make houses more affordable – cut prices or give buyers more money. Bringing down house prices would be political suicide. Many recent buyers have so little equity in their houses that cutting prices via savage bank rationing or big interest rate hikes could trigger widespread defaults and a collapse in construction activity causing an economic recession.Instead, governments have focus..... Read more

Outlook for 2017

Excessive PessimismWithin the U.S., while uncertainty surrounds President-elect Trump’s tax cut and infrastructure plans, we believe they could further bolster the economic forecast. Indeed, the economy has proved resilient in the face of multiple geopolitical surprises.In addition, a global battle with deflation at last appears to be over. Here the U.S. is also leading the charge as a tightening labor market and increasing hourly earnings propel..... Read more

APRA’s new mortgage lending measures take bite

Australian Prudential Regulation AuthorityThe Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) recently announced that it will be introducing extra measures to improve the quality of mortgage lending in Australia and moderate investor lending. This comes in a response to increased housing affordability issue and a surge in investor lending, in conjunction with a fall in owner-occupied loans.What measures are being implemented by APRA, and what d..... Read more

Do you have all of your super

Do you have all of your super?From the results released by the ATO, as of 30 June 2016, there were a total of over 5.7 million lost and ATO-held accounts with a total value of just over $14 billion.Lost uncontactable and lost inactive accounts are still held by super funds, whereas unclaimed super money and superannuation holding accounts (SHA) special account is held by us.A superannuation account is considered “lost” when the fund is unable to ..... Read more

Returning to work after retirement

Returning to work after retirementRegardless of the careful planning you dedicate to your retirement, individuals who leave the workforce to retire and access their super may decide they want or need to return to work.Understanding how the choice to exit retirement can impact upon your superannuation is futile; disregarding the potential risks involved with returning to work after accessing super can see you land in murky water.It is regulatory f..... Read more

Appointing an executor

Appointing an executorWhether you are updating or creating a Will, designating an executor is not an easy decision.The role of executor requires a great deal of commitment. The executor of a Will holds the responsibility of administering your estate and ensuring your wishes are carried out in a time-efficient manner.When choosing an executor, a Will Maker must consider who is best to take on the role and associated responsibilities. The Will Make..... Read more

Preparing your finances for the New Year

Preparing your finances for the New Year Managing your finances is a responsibility you should be on top of all year round. However, the New Year is the perfect time to review and evaluate, and pay close attention to your investments and spending to enable you to enter the New Year on top of your finances. Re balance your portfolio The New Year is an ideal time to sit down and review your investments. Without paying diligent attention to your por..... Read more