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​Death benefit pensions above transfer balance cap

Death benefit pensions above transfer balance capInformation released in the ATO’s Practical Compliance Guideline 2017/6 has clarified much confusion surrounding superannuation reforms and the commutation of a death benefit income stream made before 1 July 2017.When an individual dies, their superannuation and remaining superannuation interests are to be cashed to their beneficiaries or legal representative by their superannuation provider. This ..... Read more

Does your Mortgage have a 3 in front of it?

Does your Mortgage have a 3 in front of it ?SPRING MORTGAGE OFFERIf your mortgage doesn’t have a 3 in front of it you should contact us – We have owner occupied loans available from 3.63% (Comparison rate 3.7%). Loans must be greater than $500K. Read more

Keeping your SMSF compliant while overseas

Keeping your SMSF compliant while overseas Travelling overseas for an extended period is an exciting adventure. What isn’t so exciting is the prospect of breaking compliance law's relating to your SMSF while enjoying your trip. There are specific conditions that must be met to deem the self-managed super fund ATO compliant. They are as follows: Fund recognised as an Australian fund The SMSF will be recognised as an Australian super fund provided ..... Read more

Bitcoin - Look before you Leap

Bitcoin – Look before you LeapBitcoin, the cryptocurrency, has surged about 17 times in value this yearOur thoughts on Bitcoin are in line with the central bankers' comments below.Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen called the digital currency bitcoin a “highly speculative asset” that “doesn’t constitute legal tender.”.“Bitcoin at this time plays a very small role in the payment system,” Yellen said Wednesday during a press conference in Washingto..... Read more

What you need to know about the new super rules

Biggest reforms in over a decade The biggest super reforms in over a decade commenced from 1 July 2017. Although many of the reforms have restricted super contributions, there have been some positive developments. Here are four changes designed to assist individuals in growing their nest egg: Flexibility for personal super contributions Before 1 July 2017, an individual (mainly self-employed) could only claim a personal super contribution deducti..... Read more

Estate planning essentials

Estate planning essentialsPlanning your estate is an important part of managing your financial affairs. It allows you to pass on your assets to intended people in your life while minimising adverse tax implications.When planning your estate, consider the following:Having a valid, up-to-date WillFirst and foremost, individuals should have a valid and up-to-date Will. A Will sets out who you wish to receive your assets upon your death, provides fun..... Read more