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How to Leave your Family an Extra Legacy

Superannuation - Additional PaymentThe anti-detriment deduction was introduced under section 295- 485 of the ITAA to provide compensation to a spouse, former spouse (via the Estate) and children of such members by allowing them the opportunity to receive an increased death benefit by way of an additional lump sum payment from the fund. This payment was intended to replace the reduction in any lump sum payment caused by the contributions tax. It o..... Read more

​East Asia Driving In The Fast Lane

Growth estimated at 6.1%With gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimated at 6.1% in 2014, East Asia remains the world’s fastest-growing region, according to the United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects 2015 report.This compared with a global economy which is expected to grow 3.1% in 2015 and 3.3% in 2016, with an estimated growth of 2.6% for 2014, according to the report.After a second year of estimated growth of 6.1% in 2015, East..... Read more

How Low Can We Go?

Cash Rate Cut to Record LowAfter 18 months of keeping rates on hold, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lowered the cash rate by 25 basis points to 2.25% at its February RBA board meeting.The move to the lowest rate since the RBA commenced setting a cash rate target in 1990 is designed to stimulate business activity and household spending in the face of weak growth, falling commodity prices and sluggish investment.Growth is below-trendThe RBA’s ..... Read more

Market Overview Dec 2014 Qtr

Australian SharesThe December quarter was dominated by falling commodity prices and the impact of this on the Australian economy.Equity Market PerformanceIn terms of equity market performance, resource companies were sell targets with the ASX resource sector dropping 13 per cent over the quarter.Despite dramatic falls in resources the overall Australian equity market still managed to deliver a reasonable gain of 2.94 per cent as investors chased ..... Read more

Global Correction

Should investors be worried about a global equity market correction?The global market has performed well since the GFC, and investors worry that at some point the party must come to an end.In many developed markets, equities have produced solid returns since March 2009, which was the bottom of the market crash during the GFC. This rally can be justified in part, by an improvement in company earnings during the economic recovery. But it was also f..... Read more

Is Australia Headed for Recession?

Australia has had a good run, so what is next? Australia has had a good run, with 24 years of uninterrupted growth and only a few rough patches. So are we due for a recession? Or will we glide past the end of the mining investment boom with only a period of subpar growth? The economy has benefited a great deal from mining over the past decade, notably through investment in the construction and expansion of mines, and growing resource exports. Unf..... Read more

​Finding the right age to retire

Quality of life is a key factor in deciding when to retire.At the same time, however, it is important not to forget about the financial considerations as well.Choosing when to retire is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision that everyone in the workforce will have to make. It is the kind of decision that will have lasting effects on a person’s future lifestyle, so should be thought out carefully and strategically.But what time is the r..... Read more

​Death benefit pensions above transfer balance cap

Death benefit pensions above transfer balance capInformation released in the ATO’s Practical Compliance Guideline 2017/6 has clarified much confusion surrounding superannuation reforms and the commutation of a death benefit income stream made before 1 July 2017.When an individual dies, their superannuation and remaining superannuation interests are to be cashed to their beneficiaries or legal representative by their superannuation provider. This ..... Read more

Does your Mortgage have a 3 in front of it?

Does your Mortgage have a 3 in front of it ?SPRING MORTGAGE OFFERIf your mortgage doesn’t have a 3 in front of it you should contact us – We have owner occupied loans available from 3.63% (Comparison rate 3.7%). Loans must be greater than $500K. Read more

Keeping your SMSF compliant while overseas

Keeping your SMSF compliant while overseas Travelling overseas for an extended period is an exciting adventure. What isn’t so exciting is the prospect of breaking compliance law's relating to your SMSF while enjoying your trip. There are specific conditions that must be met to deem the self-managed super fund ATO compliant. They are as follows: Fund recognised as an Australian fund The SMSF will be recognised as an Australian super fund provided ..... Read more